Everybody loves pizza.
Now, you can have it forever.

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I know, it’s been a minute/forever.

When I put a slice of pizza in resin for an art show years ago, I never thought I’d end up making it again, in any capacity. But plans change, everyone loves pizza, and I have a tendency to make very difficult-to-produce objects.

(apparently that’s what “art” is)

So I took some time to do it right. For me, for the pizza, for you, for humankind; for the love of it all.

Forever Pizza® is a real thing and you can buy it.

But you can’t eat it. Ever. Please don’t try. Not the point.

100% pizza
100% forever

4.25 x 2.75 x 1.25” of pure magic

Wait, but like what is it? 


[encapsulated in acrylic]


The pizza is from my family’s pizzeria, Pizza By Alex in Biddeford, Maine. My dad cooked the pizza. 

Each Forever Slice is unique, just like you.

And no, you cannot eat it. EVER. (again, just like you!)

Fun fact: pizza is not naturally found in acrylic. When you embed organic matter in a plastic, it often reacts in unpredictable ways. That’s part of why it’s taken so long to perfect this- I wanted to give this prototype 2 YEARS to see if/how it would change... It hasn’t.
So we’re goooood.

When acrylic cures, it basically “cooks” the pizza again. This mostly darkens the cheese and toppings. I’ve tested dozens of ways to avoid this, but at the end of the day, it’s REAL PIZZA and authenticity matters. This is my art, so like, I get to make that call. And I’m calling for real, made with human hands and hearts, PIZZA. 
I’m not interested in making fake pizza and Forever-izing it. Part of what makes this interesting is that it IS real food. It’s more convincing because it looks a bit dry and old... IT IS!!! I mean, yo, it’s called “Forever Pizza.” Not “super-fresh pizza.” You eat that. You keep this. Both experiences are wonderful and joyful but for different reasons.

But for real, I did so many weird tests. I consulted chemists, made my own fatless cheese, messed with bleaching agents, and even dyed the sauce and painted the surface to try and get it to look more “appetizing.” None of it worked. In fact, the harder I tried to mask the effects the worse it looked. PLUS, every time you add a step in production, you add costs. This project is already difficult/expensive/ridiculous enough without putting make up on a slice of pizza. Then there’s the historical factor: if you change the ingredients for aesthetics, it’s not an authentic piece of history/pizza. Also, who prefers fake anything?? 

All this is to say it is what it is: real pizza preserved for eternity, culture, community, art, memory, history, and love.

This is Forever Pizza. 

Yours in (eternal) pizza,

Everybody loves pizza.
Now, you can have it forever.