The Pizza Community & COVID-19

A quick note regarding Forever Pizza and other ways you can help.

Due to the recent pandemic, I have limited access and time to my studio space. As I prepare to be away from my studio for the foreseeable future, this is the last week (4/6- 4/10) I can immediately ship orders. Your purchases will not only support me throught this time, but also Slice Out Hunger, a non-profit that is supporting frontline healthcare workers and small businesses across the U.S. with gifts of pizza.

That means you have until
this Friday, 4/10 (my birthday!)
to place orders for delivery 
and support Slice Out Hunger.

Everything will ship with streamlined
packaging due to time constraints.
The essentials will all be there- it's just
the custom cardboard boxes that are limited.

20% of all sales will be donated to Slice Out Hunger,
now through 4/10/2020. 

Orders placed after 4/10 will also donate 20% to SOH, but will experience significant shipping delays.

Additionally, I am trading pizza stories for pizza hats.

Share your best pizza story, why you bought Forever Pizza, why you love this food,
or who you love to eat it with and why and I'll send you one of these dope hats.

First 10 people to write me get one for free!
After that, $10 + shipping.
(this is at cost, FYI)

Again, get these to me by 4/10.
Write now, pay later.

*While supplies last. Legit stories people, 2 sentences doesn't count. Unless they are really beautiful sentences.

Why stories?
Because stories are the glue of our lives- sharing them during these times could not only lift our collective spirits, but help remind us of what's really important; each other.

If you're not into writing stories but know these hats are fly, you can buy one at full price below an rest easy knowing I donated the profits to
Slice Out Hunger.

Thank you and be safe.
Love, Steph

Forever Pizza

Forever Pizza Snapback

Toppings T-Shirt


Everyone loves pizza.
Now, you can have it forever.